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To Trace is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

Display a banner on most pages of one of many sites
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Your banner ad on at least 30 pages of one web site.
On the sites listed below, the banner ad spots are:

Location on  Quantity  ~Spot size   Rates per month
 the page    of spots  (in pixels)  By mo.  By qtr.
-----------  --------  -----------  ------  -------
   Tops         30      728 x  90   $ 114   $ 111
  Bottoms       34      728 x  90     106     103

Order the desired spots from within the chosen site. 

The web sites from which to choose are as follows:
(click on a domain name to view that given web site;
to return here, click on your browser's Back button)

Listing goods for sale:

Listing items for lease or rent:

Providing text link advertisements:

Servicing for manufacturing plants:

Remote testing of internet sites:

Visual checks of web sites:

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